Baby Reflex

Learn easy-to-do reflexology techniques that you can add to your baby or toddler's daily routine to balance them on the inside and promote parental bonding

Understand how the reflexes in your baby’s feet influence the body, this will be an invaluable way to settle, strengthen and calm your baby.

• Relieve teething pains

• Boost immune system

• Reduce ear congestion

• Promote parental bonding

• Improve sleeping pattern

• Ease colic & wind

• Reduce reflux and constipation

• Soothe tummy upsets

Taught on a one-to-one basis or with a friend (no lengthy classes to go to), you'll learn in one session of around 90 minutes some fabulous techniques and you will also receive very detailed notes and charts to use after the learning session.

This is a GREAT idea for a Baby Shower gift or Congratulations gift!