Pamper Time

The Stress Relieving Head Massage


If you are stressed, have symptoms of anxiety or depression, or you have a busy head that just won’t calm down, this treatment has been designed for you.

Designed and created by two experienced therapists, the Stress Relieving Head massage incorporates techniques from head, facial and foot therapies, calming meditation and ways to bring back quietness to your mind and relax your body.

Pamper Facial Reflexology

Enjoy a unique Holistic Facial with wonderful natural and organic products, followed by a full Facial Reflexology.  

This is a completely new approach to ‘having a facial’, combining all the relaxation of a facial, with healing herbs, visualisation, and the wonderful Facial Reflexology. 

Enjoy this treatment as it smooths your skin and makes you glow inside and out.

Pamper Pedicure

A pedicure that combines everything!  It’s all about the Feet!

A full pedicure, with a 20 minute reflexology treatment, some thai foot massage, hot booties, tea, coffee, chocolates.  A real pamper for those not in a hurry!

Top to Toe

Reflexology is Wonderful!  It has so many health benefits and is extremely relaxing.  Why not come and have both – let’s not cut any corners here!

A full Reflexology on your feet followed by a wonderfully relaxing Facial Reflexology. You owe it to yourself!

Pedicure and Facial Reflexology

Not sure whether to go Feet or Face?  Feet need a bit of tlc, but you love the idea of trying the Facial Reflexology?

This wonderful combination treatment of a pedicure to leave your feet silky smooth and a full Facial Reflexology to give you a glow and completely de-stress you.