Reflexology   £30   

To rebalance, relax and restore your body to its natural abilities in a natural way

Ayurvedic Reflexology   £40

Balancing your energy mind and body

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage   £30   

For when your lymphatics need a helping hand

Reflexology for Chronic Pain (please enquire)   

A treatment plan, tailored to you


Facial Reflexology   £40 - £45

Beautifully relaxing, rebalancing, restorative

The Stress Relieving Head Massage   £50

Perfect for stress, anxiety and busy heads!

Top to Toe   £65

Reflexology and Facial Reflexology – the ultimate in relaxation


Baby Reflex

One-to-one Training Session    £75

Bring a friend Training Session ... £55 per person


Pamper Pedicure   £50

A luxury pedicure with a calming mini reflexology

Pamper Facial Reflexology   £65

A holistic facial (with a difference) and a facial reflexology


Zone Facelift (Bergman Method)™

Single Treatment   £75

Using techniques from around the world to rejuvenate your face and make you feel Great!

Zone Facelift Treatments

Course of 4:  Rejuvenating your face, giving you a beautiful glow

Course of 8:  A mini facelift, improving your skin, reducing lines

Course of 12:  The Full Zonefacelift Programme, the results will be amazing!