Reflexology for Chronic Pain

I am trained in the Manzanares Method™, which is a science-based method of reflexology, and am able to offer a reflexology treatment protocol, which may alleviate symptoms of chronic pain. 

This Method involves a consultation to evaluate medical history and symptoms, followed by two treatments each week for four weeks.  Please enquire for further information.

In the video below, Dr Jesus Manzanares explains the basis of his treatment protocol.


Had three treatments so far for a chronic leg/knee pain that may be originating from hip or back (doctors not sure yet). Judy worked,  through my feet, on all areas of my spine and my autonomous nervous system and within two sessions, pain had dispersed so no longer concentrated in the knee, this enabled me to walk without limping and feeling so much happier.  I would highly recomment this course of treatments. (Zoe)