Zone Facelift™

The Zone Facelift is rated by many as a credible alternative to the invasive treatments of botox and fillers.  It is a completely holistic approach to facial rejuvenation, growing in popularity across the UK and exclusive international spas and resorts.  Ziggie Bergman, creator of the Zone Facelift, has received much acclaim in national magazines and newspapers for this wonderful treatment (see press articles in this link).

  • Evens out skin tone and pigmentation
  • Iron out fine lines
  • Promote a brighter radiant complexion
  • Relieves facial tension
  • Activate collagen, making the skin plumper and tighter
  • Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles

Before Zone Facelift

At 7 weeks

At 12 weeks

At 12 weeks - all made up!

One Zone Facelift Treatment – come for the experience, go away with a Glow!

Four Zone Facelift Treatments (1 per week over 4 weeks) – look fresher with smooth skin, ease away lines and dark circles

Eight Zone Facelift Treatments (1 per week for 8 weeks) – your face is changing, a Mini-Facelift!

Twelve Zone Facelift Treatments (1 per week for 12 weeks) – the full Zone Facelift Programme, you’ll look and feel Great!

Whether you’d like to try one treatment, a part-Zone Facelift Programme (4 or 8 weeks) or the full 12 week Zone Facelift Programme, let the Zone Facelift Naturally Lift your Face and Spirit.


I began the 12 week Zone Facelift programme with the expectation that if nothing else, my skin would look good at the end of 12 weeks I didn't really believe that any lines would reduce that much because they were really deep and I'm amazed at how faint my lines now are.  The most important result to me has been the disappearance of puffiness and circles around my eyes and the tightening of my jowls, the elasticity in my skin is really tight and not baggy any more.  I have really enjoyed each treatment as they are incredibly relaxing and I feel able to cope better with life's stresses.  This treatment, whether as a single, part or full programme is worth every penny because you'll not only look younger but feel younger too    (Joanne)


After 4 weeks of Zone Facelift, I feel like my face has rejuvenated and is fresher and more vibrant.  The treatment itself is relaxing and stress-free.  Judy has created a beautiful and professional environment and I would highly recommend any treatment with her.  I will be gifting treatments to friends and relatives and look forward to becoming a regular client.  (Lizzie)